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Hello! My name is Katherine Hagman; I'm an artist, educator, and creative events producer.

As an artist, I revel in the spaces where scientific and creative inquiry collide. I believe that though our processes may differ, both artists and scientists are moved by a curiosity and desire to explore and examine the world around us in search of a greater understanding of our place in time and space.

I follow where my curiosity leads; exploring light, shadow, space and form while working with paper, fiber, glass and found objects. My most recent works of art are playful explorations of optical illusions and visual manipulations such as anaglyphs.

I'm also the Artistic Director of Inquiry and Associate Coordinator of the MSU Science Festival where I design and facilitate educational experiences in the STEAM disciples for both public and K12 audiences across the state of Michigan. I studied Art History, Visual Culture, and Museum Studies at Michigan State University, and have recently returned to pursue a Master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management.



I'm always interested in collaborating with artists, curators, scientists, brands, and everyone in between. 

Have an idea? Let's chat! 

I was studying neon bending in the pre-COVID era. If you're a neon bender reading this, please take me on as your apprentice. I promise to make you proud!